How did MotoRan start?

MotoRan originated from years of passion for motorcycles, motorcycling and motorcycle maintenance. It all started during private motorcycle vacations in Germany. Here came the idea to add fun effects to the Knee Down. The MotoRan Sparky Knee Sliders emerged from this. 

MotoRan started testing different types of Knee Sliders. Different metals were tested for the optimal Sparking Knee Sliders. The complete custom design of all the Knee Sliders has come with a lot of thought in design and testing, they stand for quality. Every Knee Slider is made by hand, reflecting the passion.

MotoRan will always do it’s best to update the Sparking Knee Sliders with adding new effects. We are still a young growing company that stands for quality and passion. Motoran wants to be as close as possible to the users of the Sparking Knee Sliders.

Motoran Kneesliders Sparky knee sliders
Motoran’s Founder Randy van kuyk
Who is the face behind MotoRan?

My name is Randy Van Kuyk, founder of MotoRan and maker of the MotoRan Sparking Knee Sliders. I have been driving a motorcycle for 6 years now and I can say that it has become an addiction. I make trips to Germany several times a year to enjoy the German mountain roads with my friends. My personal favorite is the Black Forest. I’m also active on Instagram, in which I show my passion for motorbikes and photography. Feel free to take a look by clicking on the instagram logo at the bottom of the page.



Contact information

Kvk number: 76445003

Btw number: upon request